I have been working on seven portraits for the past three months. I wanted to post a few to show how they turned out. I was exploring some ideas about identity and fear. The paintings are small, only 10x10 inch.
Almost done and looking ok. A few more transparent layers and it will be finished I think.


Tattoo Design

So for my big painting I did a tattoo design to put onto my model. I wanted to make the fem fetal seem even more menacing. Giving her a tattoo instantly made her seem hard and intense; choosing the Medusa was so that you would feel uncomfortable, you shouldn't be looking at her at all because you would die. I intended it to be a chest piece, so it also has more to the design that spread out on both sides. You will see when you look at my painting.


This is big for me ok!

So I got a new canvas and started working on a new painting last week. Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home today. This thing is 4ftx5ft which is like huge for me! I am having a fun time with it but its a little overwhelming too. The project has some historical references to a few myths. I don't want to give anything away yet but its a cool concept if you ask me. So wish me luck and who knows by next week I might have a painting close to done.


This is a painting I have been working on for ever. It needs more work but not sure what yet...its been sitting in the studio untouched for a few months now.

I have been doing several paintings of meat and flesh. I have more work to do on these but I like some of the color I am getting in them.
L.A. landscape
This is a bad photo but you get the idea.

Yea its been forever I know!

So I have been asked by many friends and family to start posting my work again. I have been living in CA and working on my Masters for the past year at Laguna College of Art and Design. This is a painting about destruction and dreams its about 4ftx2ft




This a outline i worked on for a painting for my BFA show, need to transfer it and start painting.

This is my Wife Shar when she was prego with our baby Kapria. This is the drawing to figure out my lighting. I started a painting but i have a few more hr's to go before i post it.


Friday Class

I wanted to try and paint in painter from life, it was fun, a whole new set of challanges and a totally different approach.


UVSC drawing session

Did this on the thursday night drawing session and then took it home and played with it in painter for a few hrs



I am a dry waller

I did this painting in Acrylic.
This was a model in class. About 1hr 35min


This is a drawing i did of one of my friends.
I didnt spend very much time on it yet, i want to go
back and fix alot of it.

Self Port

Did this in painter, colors are a little off.